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  • What is a bridal trial...and do I really need one?

Trials are where we meet for the first time, have a coffee, chat and go over styles/looks you've chosen putting them to the test.


You may love a photo you've found online, now is the time to see how it looks on you. They typically last 2 hrs during which we try out different looks until we find THE perfect one. Once we've found it, photos are taken as a reference which I bring with me on the wedding day. 

The trial ensures that we've perfected the look and ironed out the details of in advance. This is crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day... no surprises. It also gives me a chance to work with you hair, see how it behaves and which items in my bag of tricks I’ll need to make it respond the way we want it to.  



  • Do you have any tips for choosing the right style?

Yes!! That, among other things is what we do in during the trial. First and foremost, choose a style/look you are comfortable with. If you never wear your hair up or a red lip, your wedding day is not the day to put it to the test. You should recognize the person you see in the mirror and later in your wedding photos. It’s about making you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

1. Choose a style that compliments your dress or theme of the wedding if there is one.

2. Consider your hair... its length (you may need extensions to make a certain look work), its ability to hold curl (or if it doesn't) will determine the style that will last into the wee hours.

3. The time of year. Although I love hair down, it may not be the best choice on a hot humid August day.

4. Your face shape. This is where I come in.. to help you choose the most flattering style.

5. Do choose a style you are comfortable with and that makes you feel most like yourself.


  • How far in advance should I do my bridal trial?

That depends on you and your schedule, typically 1-3 months in advance of your wedding day and when your hair is as close (in length and colour) to how it will be on your big day. I suggest scheduling it when you have another event (night out, wedding shower etc) if possible. That way you get the most value for your money. Don't worry, if you want your hairstyle to stay a secret, I’ll take it down, make a few simple adjustments for a different style.



  • I'm not ready for a trial, will you "hold" my date?

Unfortunately, no. Weddings are booked on a first come, first serve basis and as I typically only do 1 wedding per day, once a day is booked, its gone. To secure my services, I require a non-refundable retainer of 40% and signed contract. Dates fill up quickly, and  it's not uncommon for artists and vendors to be booked at year+ in advance. If you find someone who's work you like or comes highly recommended, my advice... book them before someone else does. 



  • How much does it cost and where do we do the trial?- 

Same price as the wedding day. If you would like a second trial to try a second look (maybe you changed your hair drastically or changed your mind on getting an updo) we can offer you up to 25% discount.


The trial takes place at my studio located at 83 Chapman Cir SE, T2X 3T8, Calgary, AB. Please note, trials are available Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm.



  • Will you do both hair and makeup?

That depends on the size of the party. However if my brides are booking with me both services (hair and makeup) I do both services on the wedding day for my bride.


For larger parties, I can recommend an additional artist to meet your needs. 


  • What types of payment do you accept?

For the trial and deposit- cash, cheque or e-transfer are accepted. Final payment on the wedding day is cash only.

  • Can I bring someone with me?

Of course you can! (preferably one person due to size of the studio) Feedback can be important and who better to give it than one or two of your closest friends or family members? Prefer to fly solo, that's fine too! It's all about you, and whatever makes you most comfortable.


  • What should I bring ?

1. A couple "inspiration" photos of styles you are considering as well as a few of your dress.
2. Any accessories (brooches, feathers, clips, etc) you are planning on incorporating into your style

3. If you are considering extensions, definitely bring them with you as they affect how the style will look.
4. Your veil.
5. Extensions if you are planning on using them.


***Please note - Extensions vary widely in quality, origin , material. Indian (not Asian) Remy, 100% human hair is the best to work with as it holds curl. They must be washed and air dried in advance to remove the chemical coating. Should an inferior product be purchased I cannot be held responsible if they don't hold curl. My best advice is to buy those with a slight curl/wave from the manufacturer.

Bringing all these items help not only with deciding on placement in the hairstyle, but give you an idea of the overall look and how it comes together.

For makeup trials, no need to bring anything unless you have a product that you can't live without.



  • We've done the trial.. now what?

Once the contract is signed and retainer paid, that's it, you're booked! If you or your bridal party have any questions leading up to the day, email me anytime!

I'm always happy to help. 



  • Can I book now and set a trial date later?

Absolutely, about 90% of my brides prefer to do it this way ! Given I do book over a year out , most brides do opt to secure their hair services with a signed contract and deposit for their big day and choose a trial for a later time. 


  • Can I hire you for partial makeup services ? IE. Just eyes, or just face?

Unfortunately I am not available for partial makeup services. For a look to be whole, complete and to represent my work, the makeup will need to be done by me from start to finish. This will also ensure the makeup will last all day. Unfortunately I do not touch up or do work or modification on other artist's work if there will be more than 1 makeup artist for your bridal party.



  • What should I know before signing a contract

-The big “3” - ready time, size of party and location. Please consult with your photographer in advance of committing to your ready time on a signed contract. All other bookings on the day are tailored around the information you provide, significant changes of location and ready time indicated (+/- 30 min) may not be possible and may be subject to additional fees.


  • Do you book any other clients on my wedding day?

Often, I do . Most of our Saturdays are in high demand and we do try to accommodate our clients to the best of our ability. Multiple bookings allows us to provide the quality service and high end products and do what we love full time. BUT it’s way more stressful to worry about driving all over the city to accommodate many wedding parties of 1 or 2 so instead we do a maximum of 2 weddings and ensure there is enough space between them to accommodate any traffic. We ensure each booking has plenty of time so we can do both.

  • Contract info - the nitty gritty business side of things...

Life gets hectic and email inboxes have a way of filling up, I totally understand! That said, once the contract has been requested and sent out, it is valid for a period of 7 days only. As it is a binding document with my signature on it, and by extension my firm commitment to provide you with a service, it is not something I can have "out there". Should there be a delay in returning it and finalizing the booking, I will of course send you a gentle reminder. If at that time I don't hear back from you, the contract will be considered void, thus releasing me from any obligations for your wedding day.

Multiple inquiries do come in for the same wedding date. If a contract has been sent out OR a trial date set and another inquiry comes in for the same day, I will reach out to you to let you know. As a courtesy, I extend a 24 hour grace period to return the contract along with the deposit to complete the booking. Should I not hear back from you within that time frame, I then consider myself available to accept the other booking. I am not required to notify you IF neither a contract has been sent or trial date set.


  • I've signed my contract but need to make changes...

Changes happen, I totally understand .. However once the contract is signed I then plan my day and other bookings around you and the information you've provided in the contract.   While I will do my best to accommodate changes in start time, location or additional ladies I cannot guarantee that it will be possible. This is particularly true for out of town weddings and/or a second artist is involved.

Please note, significant changes in timing of +/- more than 30 minutes and location changes greater than 15 km from that which was  originally specified in the contract MUST be requested and  confirmed with me in advance . Compliance is contingent on other bookings for the day and may not be possible.  Additional ladies may be added IF timing allows.


  • How long does hair and makeup take? How many artists will be there on my wedding day?

One artist is typically booked for every 4-5 women getting makeup, the same as well for hair styling.

Each attendant takes approximately 45min for makeup; and for hair up to an hour, depending on style and hair length. We book the bride in for a full hour for makeup and an hour or more depending on hair style.

If you prefer to get everyone ready in a shorter period of time , you can request that option for an additional fee.



  • Closer to the wedding day...

I will also prepare a wedding day schedule for you and send it out a couple weeks in advance of you big day. This helps your bridal party know when each of them is needed and it aids any other artist or event planner you are bringing in on the day.


  • How Do I contact you if I want to book you , or have more questions ?

The best way to contact me will be via e-mail:

I will respond to all emails within 48 hours. If you are emailing over a weekend
expect a 2-3 day response time .If have any further questions please contact me in
the email above.

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